Monday, 19 August 2013

MR.SM & Me

Assalamuaalaikum fellow readers. It has been a while since my last entry. Well, a changing course in life would require a twist in our effort to adapt with it. I guess. I do apologize for the 'hybernation' of this blog, as I am currently posted to a high school, in Malaysia. Somewhere in Perak, just an hour away from home for my practicum, finishing my final year of Tesol VUW since 2010. It is actually a 12- weeks practicum with the school, but since Malaysian schools are currently having exams, trials, holidays and too many events, I guess that my practicum would actually be around 9-10 weeks left. In which I do not know what should I feel. Kidding.

Anyways, I am now in Week two of my practicum, we just had two weeks holiday for Eid. And I do admit that celebrating Eid after three years abroad, is quite awkward. Plus, most of family members were not well enough to go around and celebrate, and again I ended up spending most of the time at home. I guess it's a bless. Isn't it? 

I am just gonna share with you a bit about this school. It's a boarding school, nicely located between the Royal city of Perak and on the same route heading to Grik. If you often travel to Kelantan via Perak highway, I guess you could guess the place. It's quite a small school for its kind, but there is something about the school that begin to make my heart melt. We, humans, most of the time are fascinated by the physical looks of a thing, and often make a very 'quick' judgement based on the outside, forgetting the real values that might be hidden inside. For me, this school is nothing fancy on the outside, but once you stepped into the atmosphere, the staffs, the students and the teachers (in this case colleagues) are all welcoming, friendly and warm. A beautiful attitude, full with respect and sincerity. They are all working like a community, supporting and helping each other. And there is not a single moment I felt that any person in this school is isolated in any ways. Everyone is caring towards each other and this is proven by the atmosphere in the staff room. Amazing!

Although I do heard from some of my friends posted in other schools, they struggled to know each other and hardly had time to be friend with many teachers. I am thankful for this great opportunity to be posted here, to learn so much, not just education, but attitude, in a caring community. There is not a single moment any teachers here fail to return a smile every time I meet them, and even if I am not that close to many of the teachers, but I could tell, that they are, the people you would love to be around with. As a Malaysian, you have probably heard about the saying of the people who lives at the same village are like families,  which means they always care and look after each other in harmony. *feels so patriotic*

alright, I guess I do not want to bore you guys with the teaching stories too much and this is like a very simple intro about my life currently. If you are keen to read more about my practicum experience, you are most welcome to visit my personal website of teaching at this link; 

I''d leave you with that, I'd have to go now, mentor is calling. Till then, embrace your believe, and translate it into action! love much from MRSM Lenggong (: