Monday, 26 May 2014

Halfway is imaginary

Salam to my fellow readers, alhamdulillah finally managed to post after few busy weeks, I am actually now in my final week of the first semester, and next semester would be my last semester here, or in other words, I am halfway there, inshaAllah in completing my postgrad in tesol.

But anyways, that's not the halfway that am going to talk about, it's just that at this point of my life, halfway of study year, it made me realize how lucky we are to know that we are able to know about our academic year or planning, because there's a lot you could do to plan your weeks ahead effectively and efficiently. But truth is, we will never know when our time in this world would be half, or even quarter, and that, should actually be a constant reminder to us, how much preparations have we made to face the day of judgement, how many good deeds have we done to cover all the sins that we either realise or not. It made me ponder, how short life in this world is, and that even in this world, when we are often given the due dates of this and that, we often delayed or ignore it till the last minute of the given time! How we have always taken things for granted, even if we know the consequence would be bad, like if I submit my summary late, I might not get the best grade.

Emm, I was just reflecting on my few assignments due soon, and I thought that, I need something to motivate me to keep going and give my very best, thus wrote this down to remind myself and others too InshaAllah.

Always believe that Allah is with us, and that we should always purify our hearts and intention whatever we do in this world, including study and whatever, to seek for His blessings, mardhatillah, inshaAllah.

Amin ya rabbal a'lamin.

Till next time, take care :)