The Author

Farah Fareen is my pen name. A muslim, a student and a daughter searching for His love. Follow my journey as a student in Wellington, a place where I found what Islam should really mean to me. Wishing that I could spread the love letter given from Allah which are the Quran and Sunnah, they are our life manuals, words of love from The Creator. Do forgive me for any mistakes and do help me to improve so that we can all help each other to find His love. InshaAllah.

-has three siblings, all sisters, I m the middle one 
- a girl who loves to write to herself, reflecting time and people
-was an English debater (this is when I learn to develop my confidence) :p
-love macadamia cookies ice chocolate and green tea
-wellington is definitely among the best gift in life, but Malaysia will always be my beloved 
-writing English poems is definitely my passion! 

more about me at : Monolog Farah Facebook Page and My Tumblr

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