Thursday, 21 January 2016

20 Days of 2016

It's almost twenty days in January and some people are already looking forward in planning their life throughout the year enthusiastically. Some might plan for a holiday during mid year while some may opt for developing certain skills or visiting some friends far away. Whatever the choice is, you know, we often choose to plan ahead and let the time decide whether our plans will go on smoothly or otherwise.
As for me, it is very difficult to say as i am going through a very interesting phase of my life right now because i am still waiting to begin my career. My very first job. Well currently i am staying with the family, happily enjoying spending my time with them. From another perspective i could see that these moments are indeed very precious because who knows how much time do i have left to spend with them when i have a career in future right? But you know, it's also incredible what waiting period could do to your mood, self esteem, and even confidence.
During this few weeks i have been reflecting on lots of things which include what other ways i could do to improve myself, or weaknesses. Don't get me wrong. I am not finding flaws, it's just that i am continuously looking for ways to do more and achieve more. But when the waiting become longer and longer than i have expected, i am started to question on more things. These questions remain mostly unanswered because i know the time will come when i will be able to answer those doubtful questions in life.
And until one day, i came across this picture with a very strong message to me. It opened my eyes and mind that my worries are not worth the time.

The time that i spent to worry should be spent on something more important. To please Allah, to please the Mastermind of your life and all living things in this world. To serve Him and do everything because of him. Thus, if our worries don't contribute to how we could serve Allah better, then we might have been doing it wrongly. To worry without doing anything is wrong, to worry and keep questioning our inability to control our life is also improper because all have been decided by Allah. We have absolutely no power to question but our rights are to give our best effort and leave the rest to Allah.
From there i also learnt my lesson; my worries should be channelled to do better things which are finding ways to please my best planner of life, Allah swt. But also, to do my part in giving my very best effort and pray. The result are in His knowledge and power.
This waiting time have been quite bitter, but what i have learned from it is far better. Way better than what i ever expected. So the next time we worry about anything, channel it using the right ways- to please our Creator. InshaAllah, Allah will reward you in the best way He has planned for you and will give you the strength and peace to endure it all. If Allah put you to it, He will put you through it.

Al Baqarah : 216