She sat by the window

she sat by the window 
wonder what winter might bring
what the days are like when it's all shivering
hoping to have some moments glittering

she sat by the window
listening to the birds chirping
the sounds of the wind so fiercely blowing
this is winter
she's sometimes afraid of
a winter where everything turns cold
her heart is fragile, she needs something to hold

she sat by the window
searching for the sunshines
wanting the light to always be warm and bright
for her to have reasons to always smile
 her journey ahead is thousands miles
it is still, winter

she sat by the window
building new hopes that were once gone
mending a heart that was forlorn
but one thing she knows and will always know
Allah is watching, close, very close
that this winter has been a journey to find His love

For she always know
when she sat by the window
to say farewell to her sorrow
it's still winter
she never stop praying, for He always know....

written in St Mary's College, 29th June 2012.

dear butterfly

dear butterfly

come out from your hiding place

show them who you are
but careful with what you choose to display
cause in time it might be a disgrace

dear butterfly
you are blessed with your beautiful colours and wings
the colours that invite others to envy
should you think that you will always win?
do remember that beauty could never lasts
but one thing you should always be wary
praises are sometimes poison
that could destroy sincerity

dear butterfly
this is a small world to begin with
nothing could stop you from trying
fly away from your worries, sorrow and pain
be strong and keep your faith

dear butterfly
how i wish i could be like you
beautifully outside and also within
but butterfly
my life is more than just flowers
it's full of thorns and hurdles
what i can learn from you butterfly
is to always believe in myself
nothing but myself and He, The Most Merciful
who created me and you.

written on 2011, wellington nz

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