Saturday, 1 March 2014

#pGdiary : The story of two

During my degree course, I was struck by this particular phrase, "teacher as lifelong learners". And I thought, what does this phrase actually means? Is it to get to the highest level of knowledge, for such a long time learning theories etc etc? But later I discovered the answer is not that, but because teaching is a profession where teachers are required to continuously learn, improving methods, increasing knowledge and become an inspiring teacher, who could turn the weakest students to achieve the best that they have never thought they could. And I must admit, during my degree years, It has been a great, unforgettable experience for both of us. New Zealand is indeed truly the best place my eyes have ever seen, best feelings my heart ever felt, best knowledge I ever get to learn, both for tarbiyyah and the degree itself.

June/ July 2013 : Touched down

As for me and my friend, Intan Syafinaz, our dreams are the same. To do more. Not to say that we are not satisfied with the precious experience we both had in New Zealand, but deep down in our hearts, there is something. An urgency to pursue our dreams, in learning. While we are young, fresh graduates and highly motivated to learn, [of course not yet bound to any commitment, haha]. And ultimately, our goals, [which is one of our subtopics during degrees courses] is to become the lifelong learners, both in teaching profession and also as a student. And most importantly, as future teachers, learning never stops. It never could. Because great teachers are always aiming to do their best for the students, even if it takes to revise the tiniest, simplest rules of grammar and to turn it into the most, engaging, interesting and meaningful learning for our learners, our students. The journey to apply the master programme began since we touched down in Malaysia back in June/ July.

September / October : Practicum

Intan and me fall in love with New Zealand so much, that we decide to pursue our dreams of taking master there, the same university we both entered for four years. Having gone through all those processes, applications and waiting, we finally got the offer to pursue in master of education in victoria while doing our practicum together in Lenggong. However, after discussion with the sponsor, our wish was delayed. It is not possible to go back to vuw, as the master's course are complicated, making it difficult for the sponsor to certify the qualifications later on. Intan and me, were still hoping, somehow, someday, we might get another chance. Because our hopes did not end there.

December : The Graduation and hope continues...

When I came back to NZ for graduation in Dec, I was quite reluctant to leave again. Knowing that my dream to come back for master the next yearin vuw, is impossible. I left with the heaviest heart, hoping that I would get to see Wellington again in a few years time. I continued my holiday journey in Melbourne for a while and then decide, this is the place, this is where I wanna dream of pursuing my master. One day, maybe not this year and next year, maybe not yet, but someday. I would be a student here, I told myself. InshaAllah.

During end of Dec, Intan and me went to Mara, surprisingly knowing that it is still not too late to pursue our dreams! Somehow the door was opened again, for another application in other university. I was terribly excited, that I slept at 2 or 3 am finishing my applications after christmas day, for almost seven different universities in Australia, as time is tight. Really tight. To enter the first semester of the year, Intan and me knows very well, the chances are so slim. While Intan faced many ups and downs during this time too, but she managed to apply a few universities. And then began more and more waiting moments. Wondering, waiting and thinking, when is that email of [offer letter] going to reveal itself to us. 

January 2014 : The Offer Comes!

I did not remember exactly the date, but somehow in Mid January, an email came through. Which was an offer, I jumped with joy, feeling grateful thinking that this might be the chance. To simplify, the sponsor was notified and we both wait, again, this time for sponsor approval. I have to say that during these moments of waiting, Intan and me, keep comforting each other in every way we could, although we both know, and truly aware of the stress we both faced during that time. Emailing universities, sponsor, back and forth. Seems like an endless work. Hard work.

February 2014 : The Destined Destination

This is the busiest month of all. Countless trips to many government offices, documents, procedures, emailis, letters and more than I could ever imagined. Medical check ups, [wont mention the cost]. To be honest, it was exciting but at the same time, a very huge challenge to face. It is like everything is beyond our control. I learned a lot, I learned to keep positive and calm, finding every ounce of patience that I could find, maybe from someone's advice, encouraging words, a call from a friend, soothing words from parents, and also the help from the family, in which I truly truly appreciate what they have done for me. It is a huge test, but we are given, truly wonderful people during this time, and for that, I am truly grateful for what Allah has lined up for me. And I keep repeating, reminding and telling myself, with each difiiculty, there comes an ease. Verses from As-Syarh 5 & 6. 

Just in time when February 2014 is bidding farewell to this particular chapter of my life stories, Intan and me received the big news! She is flying to Canberra, while I am in Melbourne, and with everything is literally 'confirmed and finalised', and suddenly we both felt that those huge burdens carried for such a long time, were lifted at once. And as for me, Mlebourne was indeed the place I am destined to be, to pursue my dream of learning, and becoming a lifelong learner. Although Intan and me are separated by few hundreds miles (eight hours drive), but we have never been that far from each other, because we have the same dream. Together.

Do pray for our sucess and safe return to Malaysia soon. A milllllllion thanks to our families, friends, sponsor, and everyone involved during this meaningful journey. May Allah bless each and everyone of us. Amin :) 

Best regards from Intan Syafinaz and me, Farah Fareen :)