Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Poems of travelog melbourne- new zealand part 1

This life is really like
In trams and trains
Moving on the rails of life
There are times when we stop
For moments or abrupt
Ups and downs 
In many different stations
Life challenges await

For the winds might be tough
In Wellington victoria
We sometimes may fall
Trying to stand tall
But to always believe
When we; could be
Either below or above
There's always clouds of hope
Brought by the wind
To those who wants to win

All the foreign coins that you have
Empty your pocket before you left
Unless you want them kept
It's like having coins of moments
Some are meant to be forgotten
Some are better treasured
Or some teaches great lesson

When we sometimes wish for the sky
People might thought it was the star
And there's no plenty of time
You gotta go on a star; not the sky
Yes; the lesson is to clarify
When your accent is not defined.

Though you might not be queen
Always think of yourself that you'd win
All the natures and beauty you find
Will always be the one of its kind
And there might be times
When you get lucky in life
Touching glacier on top of mountain
A miracle for us to ponder in return
That destiny precedes our desires

Having everything booked 
Did not always meant it's for you
Life is unpredictable too
For we did not write our stories
It has been written by Him
Cause we are just unfolding
Each page of our stories

Friends and families
Whenever they cross in our paths
Aren't just for us to stare
But to give love and share
Just like when we could hardly bear
Each other's absence
When there's distant moments