Monday, 16 July 2012


It is the first day of my second trimester, third year in Victoria.Alhamdulillah. I do admit that it's going to be a challenging Ramadhan, because most of my classes are in the evening session, 3pm above and the maghrib praying time is around 5. Pheww. Hopefully everything will be fine. InshaAllah.

Today, I am just gonna share with you some of my wishlist things to do in future. I just thought that it might be relevant to set new resolution, though it's already in the middle of the year, but yes, we need to constantly remind ourselves of our goals in life, so that we keep putting effort to turn them to reality, and not just a wish, a dream or fantasy. That's what this is all about.

I do believe, most of us, have the same goal. to gain His blessing and mardhatillah inshaAllah. Keeping in mind that everything we do in this world, is for Allah. Even our smiles, should be because of Allah, because Allah asked us to be loving to our siblings, brothers and sisters in Islam. It is not wrong to have dreams, or wishes, but it becomes wrong when we make them as the priority, our only intention, while Allah is the one who decide whether He want to give them to us or otherwise. It becomes wrong when your dreams are not based on Islam teachings, Quran and Sunnah. Indeed, what Allah has given us all this while, is just a loan for us to return it in a form of good deeds and contribute to the religion itself. So, whatever we want to be or we want to have, make sure that at the end of the day, we are able to contribute something to the religion back, and because Allah is the Most Rich, He did not need our fortune, but He wanted to see how grateful we are with the fortune that He has given. 

Sorry, here are my wishlist that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully it will motivate myself and others too, to have big dreams but at the same time making big effort too, to change them from dreams to reality. InshaAllah.

#1 To write a book about my journey finding Islam in New Zealand, more like a travel log >.<
#2 To graduate successfully from Victoria next year, with the presence of family members  
#3 To be a good and inspiring teacher to my students
4#To further study in Masters of English education or ESL
#5 To open my own Islamic kindergarten in Malaysia
#6 To bring parents to Makkah, as soon as possible
#7 To be a lecturer in English/ educational psychology
#8 To be a good Muslim, a good daughter, and other roles in future :p
#9 To contribute to Islam, brothers and sisters in the whole world
#10 To die as a syuhada who stand for Islam, till my last breath

InshaAllah, InshaAllah, InshaAllah..may Allah ease everything, because He's the One who knows what's the best for us. Indeed, we could only plan, but He is the Best Planner. May Allah guide each and every step of our lives, to always be in Islam and to only seek for His blessing and love. InshaAllah. It reminded me to one of my favorite verses in Al- Baqarah.

Allah Azza wa Jal says:
“…and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.”[2:216, al-Qur'an]

dont just be a dreamer, 

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