Sunday, 23 September 2012

you'll be in my heart

yes you there
my beloved sisters, my beloved akhwat fillah,
you'll always be close in thought

you'll be in my heart
each and every second of this life
cause you're the one
who have shown me the light
beautiful colours which turned my gloomy ones, bright

you'll be in my heart 
cause we are together in this journey
for whatever bitterness that we tasted in this life
will always be overcome by the sweetness of our love
love because of Allah
yes, He's in our hearts

you'll be in my heart
i would not say why
i need no reasons of keeping you in my heart
the place has already answered
this love will always remind
why this beautiful feelings 
will always stay and rewind

you'll be in my heart 
though distance might set us apart
but illusion never wins
because in reality 
our hearts are tied, and tight

you'll be in my heart
because your words are my cure
in this poisoned world
your smiles are my saviour
in this world of horror

you'll be in my heart
from this day on, now
and forever more!

a token of appreciation to all the sisters who are always close in thoughts, right here right now or thousands miles away but, we shared the same beautiful sun, moon and the stars. may Allah bless  

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