Sunday, 16 June 2013

home again, dearest

As salam wbt dear friends and fellow readers. By the time you are reading this, I am already back in this beloved country, warmth and where the sun loves to shine, Malaysia. I was in an 11 hours flight with a friend, waiting impatiently for the flight to end safely. Then the Malaysia Airlines crew announced that the weather and local temperature is around 27 degree celcius. Wow! such a big difference to where I came from, it was winter with below 10 degree celcius temperature and suddenly I am in this summer like weather. Honestly I was afraid of having a weather shock, because previously I was back for two times, and both times I had a long fever, due to weather shock. But yeah, alhamdulillah, I am all safe and sound at home, in  beloved hometown, Ipoh today. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

And of course, I am trying to fit myself into this new environment, new people and new atmosphere. It is not like I am trying to deny the fact that Malaysia is changed, but the truth is within this three years and a half, we could not expect people to be the same. We are changed. Yes, we do. In our own ways. I try not to compare what some people used to be, and how they have changed now. Because personally I expect myself to be able to adapt with this challenge, to start from zero. To get to know the places I used to be, to carry all the memory and good experiences in NZ, to bring it all here and to compile it to become a much more better person, with a much better attitude and heart, inshaAllah. To start knowing everything around me now, with a much better judgement, an open mind and a humble heart. Yes, three years and a half in New Zealand, I wished for nothing less, but to be a person who is humble but firm with her own life principle according to what Allah wants me to be, to carry the abid and khalifah duty, always and always.

Another thing that made me reflect is that I could not be sad to leave NZ, neither I should be happy to be in Malaysia. Because everything is in perfect balance, the joy and the frustration should made me calm, to be able to face this neutrally. And why should I ever feel sad? Allah is everywhere, He is indeed very near to me, much more nearer than vein in our neck. No matter where I'd be after this, Allah will look after me, He knows what is best for me.  and for now, is the best time to be home again..To always remind myself, that what Allah has planned for me, is indeed better than whatever I could wish for, whatever I would dream of.
Al Baqarah : 216, is a meaningful verse talking about the destiny that sometimes we might ponder what the hidden benefits are. we, as Allah's servants knows nothing, but He's the one who knows and the all-knowing. So, in this current time, it is important to be grateful, to feel blessed to be given another chance and be someone better in your own birth place. InshaAllah.

And to appreciate those we were supporting me in NZ, and those who are here with me in Malaysia, only Allah could repay all your kindness and good deeds. May Allah bless each of you who has never stop giving up on me, always keeping me in your prayers and hopes, you are all the best gifts in my life. May Allah grant us the best return, in whichever ways He desires, may Allah grant us His blessings both in this world and in the hereafter. To all my sisters, and family in NZ, Allah is indeed with us, always and we are all still together in this path, for His blessing inshaAllah, may we meet again in Jannah. Amin ya rabb.

and I do not what to say more, but to wish and pray for all of you, may Allah bless each and everyone of us. no matter where life and destiny is taking us after this, always believe that there is a huge lesson that Allah wants us to learn from, each moment, each person, and each second. and may all these gifts and tests that Allah has given us, make us a better person each day. InshaAllah.

salam from uniquely Malaysia,
farah fareen

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  1. May Allah guide us to His path with His blessing...aminnnn, syg akk krn Allah. moga terus kuat! <3