Monday, 7 April 2014

In between dreams

I heave heard people talked a lot about this particular interest of mine. English, teaching and everything that might be related to teaching profession in general. But I had not encountered any personal comment or criticism regarding this, until there was one particular point of my life where I was actually steps away to achieve my very first dream. I was struck, and stunned that I just smile in return to hear such comment about my career. I thought, just maybe this particular person did not understand it the way I do. Or yeah, maybe because we just have a very different opinion about what career is considered 'stable' enough to survive. I did not blame anyone, not even the person. 

But what I reflected upon the comment was that, it is time we, begin to change our perceptions regarding people's different paths of life. For it is not our choice to decide, it is not within our power to define others' choices. Because there are more reasons for us to try to understand, before we could just simply jump to a conclusion about someone's life decision. 

I know, that every criticism means that I have more reasons to achieve my dream, more reasons not to give up and also, to prove to myself that I have the right to fight for my dreams regardless of what others say. 

Because at the end of the day, it does not matter whichever career or path that we chose, but the purpose that lies behind our dreams. Is it just to satisfy our own desires in this temporary world? Wasn't it supposed to be bigger than that? The purpose of life is mentioned way before we are created, to serve as abid and khalifah, in time when Allah created Adam a.s. and also, to walk on the right path, seeking for His blessing on this world. 

Al Baqarah verse 30 and Az Zariyyat verse 56. 

And therefore, before we decide to mention even a word about someone's different path especially regarding to their ambition and passion, take a minute, or even longer, for us to ponder, what is the impact of saying even a word, about it? And of course, the very first and foremost words, or comments that we should ever say, are encouraging words, which would motivate and not differentiate. Which would encourage instead of doing damage. And just imagine, how big the impact we could have made if the person is someone of different religion? Wouldn't it be a fitna to ourselves and our religion? This is dangerous. 

Just ponder, and take your time. Because words couldn't be taken back. Once it reaches someone's heart. We could never imagine the impact. 

And am just grateful that I was given the chance to pursue this dream, and may Allah guide me to always stay in the right path in fulfilling my purpose. Amin :) 

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  1. so long it's shariah compliant, then go for it Fareen!!