Sunday, 20 October 2013

Craved for

We craved for knowledge 
Yet we often abandon the ones we already learned
We craved for creativity
Yet we stumbled upon between desires and selfishness

We often do not know
What should we aim for
What should be the purpose
Cause the world is deceiving us
Often, too often
We craved for the wrong things
Struggled for the wrong reasons
Wishing for the wrong persons

But lost not
Give up not
It is not too late
To change what we craved for
To add what we are lacked of
To find where the purpose gone

We, you and me
Have nothing in difference
But to always remind each other
That the best among us, 
Is the one who's most noble
Having the highest level 
Of taqwa, that could be seek
In this world, while you and me,
Are given the chance to live.

And so we shall,
Watch what we craved for,
And the true purpose of,
Living in His world.

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