Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Time is less!

Firstly, I would like to thank and appreciate all the wishes and prayers from my family and friends, yesterday 16th of September. Your wishes and prayers have truly made my day and will go a long way to remind me of being strong; to face the tough journey ahead. Indeed, being far away from home, made me learn to appreciate them more. Yes, time flies and yesterday means, I am adding another digit to what we called 'age', of course. 

But yes, age is just a measurement, a tool to measure how much time have you spent in this life, in this world since you were born. And the funny thing is, we celebrate birthdays, with our beloveds because it signifies a special day for us. Nevertheless, it is also maybe to celebrate the maturity that we are getting because of longer, and more experiences gained than before.

On the other hand, age could also mean the opposite. It means, you probably have longer time to live than your birthday age, or most probably, not. We never know. We will never ever know it. And that is why, for me, birthday is one way I like to remind myself, that when my age are added by another year, it means I have less time to prepare myself. Prepare for what the real life is, in the hereafter.

To be prepared in becoming a true servant to Allah, to become an abid and khalifah, who is always conscious of what he or she is doing in this world, to have taqwa and to meet our Creator in jannah, inshaAllah. And because the world is coming to an end, although we never know when, but it will. And thus, for ourselves, one thing is definitely sure, we are going to leave this world.

And so, for myself, use your time well. Treasure the people around you, be significant to others by giving and enjoy the joy of giving. Even if it is just a piece of advice. Give anything within your capacity, to benefit others. Because time, is now becoming less and it is moving, fast.

Finally, Happy Malaysia Day; am proud to be part of you and share a birthday with you, Malaysia!!  (Yesterday) :)

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