Tuesday, 7 February 2012

the end?


for every beginning 
there's always an end
but an end is not always the real end
rather it is just another
beginning to another new story

people have always said to me
whenever you choose to walk
don't waste your time looking back
but yet it is the journey that was taken
the lessons learned
the unforgettable experience
which gave me the strength
to always walk
no matter how hard you might fall
no matter how much you've been hurt
by other people's talk

and yes
for every pleasant memories
or for every painful stories
there will always be an end 
it is just the matter of your thinking
it is just the matter of your mind
because the one who can choose 
to wake up from the painful moments
or hurtful journeys
is yourself
your own mind and soul
no one else but you
to end or to mend?

dear friend
no matter how many times
you need to face the end
or to begin a new journey
always know that
Allah is watching
He's always there for each of your

~Believe in His love, poem was written under the beautiful morning sky, watched from my window, may it helps you to go through another journey of life. Thanks to inspiring music from a friend, Hold My Hand piano cover & InshaAllah's song instrumental. Till we meet again here readers, inshaAllah.
Have a nice day, & never stop believing in His love.

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