Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Graduation. A life story.

Greetings readers. I guess most of you have already known, that I had officially graduated last dec, to be exact on 12/12/13. Alhamdulillah. Indeed, my journey is still a long way ahead and I am currently waiting for my sponsor's decision. InshaAllah, when everything is finalized, I would update you here. But anyway, since we are going to talk about graduation, a bit, all these moments made me wonder, what is bigger than graduation?

Yeah, when I was a kid, I imagined myself, to enter a high school, college, university bla bla. And when the time really comes, I said to myself, is this all you wanted to do? Then I decided in my second year of degree that, our life ambitions should be bigger. Bigger than just to graduate and receive a scroll. Bigger, because we are still young, full of energy, inspiration and motivation, if not most of the time. But hey, know what? As a young adult, my ambition is to change the world. And to see the changes you want, you will need to start with yourself. True, no shortcut. A leader, must be able to lead himself first.

Let's define the world that I was talking about. A world, your world, does not always mean literally the entire universe. What I meant was, to change the world that you are within, you are involved. And yes,  your family is also your world. Everyone needs someone in their life. Your world includes, your family world, your friends circle, your relatives, your colleagues, and in my case, I have to add one more, my students' world. We, interact as human beings, and along the way touched people's hearts, sharing emotions, stories, advices, and jokes. Well, think about it. Every action, every word mentioned could change someone's day, someone's perception and of course their life motivation too.

And so, dont ever feel so helpless, cause we could make the change. And I think, what the world is lacking of today is values. Values of honesty, appreciation, sincerity and faith. Believe me if we could trigger, even only a person to be honest, and sincere, those people some day might spread it to their significant others too, and it's a domino effect. Start small, to change something huge.

And the values are the most important thing we should carry throughout whatever ambitions, whichever field to contribute, we have for this world and hereafter. to carry the values, in Islam we call it, "mahmudah" values, to help us live our lives meaningfully and significantly. Believe me, only then, we are able to seek for His blessings, successfully, because the values are a test to 'graduate' successfully in hereafter inshaAllah, mardhatillah. And with that, graduation is just like a stepping stone to do something bigger in our lives, it should not stop there. The world is waiting for our contributions. 

Here are some moments to be shared with you. Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, Jazakallahu khairan kathira, to my parents, family, friends, sponsor, lecturers and all those who have made this journey possible. May Allah bless us all, always. Amin. 

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