Wednesday, 28 November 2012

my life is red

my life is red
like beautiful thorny roses
which colors strike the eyes
but still owning the graceful touch

my life is red
because it sometimes comes 
with a lots of surprises
lots of different stories
that demand you different prices
prices of patience, strength and faith
to the One who decides it all, 
the Most Generous, the Most Gracious

my life is red
when it sometimes 
wanting the braveness of you
to stand for what is true
what is the real and true value
in this life
because we all know
in the end; 
life is gonna end
here, but  everlasting
in the Hereafter

my life is red
not because of hatred
but rather a way of reminding
which made me feel gifted
with a lots and lots of blessing
from Him, the Ever-Living
the most loving

my life is red
sometimes it's there,
sometimes it's fade.

my life is red
because it is just another way
I differentiate.

Esplanade, Palmerston North Rose Garden

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